Over the past few years we have noticed that many brothers have questions that they wonder if this website will answer them, so we have answered some questions. Which are often asked? Among them are the following.

What is MangaFreak?

We at manga freak website provide all kinds of free manga, manhua and manhwa chapters for free which you can search and enjoy we give everything for free. The team of manga freak here translate each chapter in English so you can easily enjoy it .The Manga Freak team here translates each chapter in English so that you can read easily and all the data here is not legally shared with you in English.

How can I create website?

We have considered for a long time that most users have a lot of trouble watching manga, which means they are not manga. As a result we have developed this website for you to enjoy

Will it be dubbed in English?

Of course you will be provided in English so that you guys can read it easily

Will there be novels in it?

We have considered one thing and seen that users don’t like novels so we have not put these novels in this website yet if you contact us we will think about it.

Are there any limitations on what I can share?

If you copy any website chapter from a certain official website, your work will be considered copyrighted, but if you want to spread the website, so that more users can read the manga. You are allowed to do so.

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