Is Terra Formars Manga Finished?

Yu Sasuga writes the Japanese manga series “Terra Formars” while Kenichi Tachibana illustrates it. The manga, serialized in Weekly Young Jump magazine since 2011, has garnered popularity for blending science fiction, action, and horror elements uniquely. The series has been adapted into an anime series and several OVAs, further extending its reach. The question arises is Terra Formars Manga Finished?

Plot Summary

In the 26th century, humanity launches a mission to Mars to confront a surprising consequence of terraforming efforts: the emergence of highly evolved humanoid cockroaches on the planet’s surface. To counter this threat, an elite team of genetically modified humans embarks on a mission to exterminate the roaches and unravel the enigmas of the planet.

Is the Manga Finished?

As of my last update, the Terra Formars manga series has concluded. As of the last update, the Terra Formars manga series concluded. The final chapter, published in 2016, completed the narrative arc. Readers can now enjoy the entire story from start to finish.

Key Themes

Terra Formars delves into themes of survival, evolution, and the consequences of human intervention in nature. It explores the resilience of humanity in the face of formidable adversaries and the ethical dilemmas posed by genetic engineering and planetary exploration.


The manga received positive reviews for its intense storytelling, well-developed characters, and creative world-building. It has been lauded for its gripping action sequences and thought-provoking themes, attracting a dedicated fanbase both in Japan and internationally.

FAQs About Terra Formars Manga Finished

  • How many volumes are there in the Terra Formars manga?
    The manga consists of 22 volumes in total, collecting the entire series.
  • Is there an anime adaptation of Terra Formars?
    Yes, the anime series adapted Terra Formars in 2014, with additional OVAs released later.
  • What genre is Terra Formars?
    Terra Formars is primarily a science fiction manga with elements of action and horror.
  • Are there spin-offs or sequels to Terra Formars?
    Yes, there are spin-off manga and light novels that expand on the Terra Formars universe.
  • Is Terra Formars suitable for younger readers?
    Due to its violent and mature themes, Terra Formars is recommended for older teens and adults.


In summary, the Terra Formars manga series offers an exciting journey into a future where humanity’s survival hinges on confronting monstrous adversaries in the depths of space. With its conclusion, fans can appreciate the complete story of the daring mission to reclaim Mars from the clutches of evolved creatures. The manga’s success underscores its appeal to readers seeking thrilling narratives woven with complex themes.

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