What is Arizona State University Application Fee?

Arizona State University (ASU), a beacon of academic excellence in the heart of the Southwest, beckons aspiring scholars from all corners of the globe. Prospective students keen on embarking on their academic journey at ASU must traverse the labyrinth of the application process, a crucial step of which involves understanding the application fee. In this comprehensive discourse, we shall delve into the nuances of the ASU application fee, providing an exhaustive overview peppered with frequently asked questions and indispensable insights to equip applicants for a seamless application experience.

Unveiling the Application Fee

The fee at Arizona State University is an indispensable cog in the admissions machinery, serving to defray administrative expenses associated with processing and evaluating applications. As prospective students embark on their ASU application journey, comprehending the intricacies of the application fee is paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the fee at Arizona State University?

The fee for undergraduate students seeking admission to Arizona State University stands at $70 for domestic applicants and $85 for international applicants. This fee is a non-negotiable component of the application process and must be tendered upon submission of the application.

2. Is the application fee refundable if my application is denied?

Regrettably, the fee at Arizona State University is non-refundable, irrespective of the outcome of the application review process. Applicants should factor this into their decision-making process and proceed with the application cognizant of this policy.

3. Are there any waivers for the application fee?

While the application fee presents a financial hurdle for some applicants, Arizona State University endeavors to ensure accessibility to higher education by offering fee waivers for eligible candidates. Prospective students facing financial constraints can explore the eligibility criteria for fee waivers on the ASU admissions website.

4. Can I request a fee waiver after submitting my application?

Fee waiver requests must be submitted either before or at the time of application submission. ASU does not entertain requests for fee waivers post-application submission. It behooves applicants to acquaint themselves with the requisite documentation and submission deadlines for fee waiver applications to avoid any untoward complications.

5. How can I pay the application fee?

To expedite the application process, Arizona State University provides applicants with the convenience of online payment for the fee. Whether utilizing a credit card or an electronic check, applicants can seamlessly navigate the payment portal within the ASU application portal.


The application fee is a pivotal component of the Arizona State University application process, highlighting the institution’s commitment to maintaining integrity and efficiency.

This discourse aims to empower prospective students by unraveling the intricacies of the fee and elucidating accompanying FAQs.

Applicants must approach the process armed with meticulous preparation and unwavering determination.

Adhering to deadlines, fulfilling requirements, and leveraging available resources are crucial steps for aspiring scholars.

Applicants are encouraged to consult the official Arizona State University admissions website for the most up-to-date information on application fees, fee waivers, and related inquiries.

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